Wally Schwellberry
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We Speak Schwellsh, How About You???

Come join Wally as we explore Schwellville and learn more about the Schwellberries, their friends and own made-up language, Schwellsh.

This book is intended to engage children to use their imagination and to work on phonological awareness through the introduction of the Schwellsh language. Of course, at the same time, exploring their creative and silly side!

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Wally Schwellberry — Hey Dude, It’s Time To Eat Your Food

Come take a peek into the Schwellberry home as Wally tries everything to get Holly to eat her food.

This book illustrates, in a fun, engaging and comical manner, the oh so fun experience of getting your kids to eat their food…. And for kids, well, sometimes you’re just not in the MOOOOOD to eat your FOOOOOD — right?

We hope you enjoy — let your imagination take over as you explore all of the colorful images and Wally’s fun spin on traditional foods….

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Wally Schwellberry – 14 Things That Make You Say…

“14 Things That Make You Say…..” is Wally Schwellberry’s unique spin on teaching children to count and to be expressive, while interacting and engaging with the vibrant images/illustrations.

Children will laugh out loud as they count and react to many unusual things that Wally and his Schwellberry family encounter along the way.

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Wally Schwellberry — Pleased to Meet You

In this story, Wally introduces himself and his Schwellberry family, while teaching kids how to let loose, be creative and silly.

We hope you enjoy – and remember, it is okay to be silly – it’s actually quite fun! Let’s see just how silly you can be…..

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